Mike Klaassen

Reviews of Cracks


"Reading Cracks is so intense you want to put it down, but you can't . . . This book is a must read for young people and for counselors leading youth rehabilitation groups."

---Midwest Book Review

"Mike has written a powerful adventure novel for young adults, one that will keep them glued to the book from beginning to end."

---Faith Reese Martin, author of Lost and Found Colony and Conestoga Courage

"Cracks is a book young boys will relate to, knowing that there is always hope for their future in spite of the direst circumstances."

---Judith Nasse, artist and writer

"This novel is hard hitting and doesn't shy away from addressing drug use, human suffering, and youthful cruelty. It is a strong mixture of Lord of the Flies with a Deliverance-like driver. "

---Lionel D. Alford, author of Aegypt and A Season of Honor

"This young adolescent's book provides hook after hook to keep teens reading and also offers students and teachers a sound choice for the classroom because of . . . an extensive study guide and an author interview. . . Read it in a few short hours of gripping intensity!"

---Donna Rothgeb, retired teacher and language arts instructor

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