Mike Klaassen

Prototype Sequel

by Mike Klaassen

This prototype builds on information presented in Techniques of a Selling Writer  (1965), by Dwight V. Swain (1915-1992), and Scene and Structure (1993), by Jack M. Bickham (1930-1997). This is how a prototype sequel works:

  • The resolution of the scene left the character in a state of emotion, which could range from devastation to euphoria. 
  • As the character gains control of his feelings, he begins to think, to reason through the situation.  
  • In the process, the main character reviews recent events. 
  • He analyses facts to understand his current predicament. 
  • From analysis emerges a phase of planning regarding his next step.  
  • He considers alternative courses of action.
  • Once the character has selected a course of action, he makes a decision to act. The character's decision marks the end of the sequel. (Any action to implement the decision signals the beginning of a new scene.)

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Michael John Klaassen