Mike Klaassen

Writing A Novel

When I started writing novels, I also began reading books about the craft of writing fiction. Over the years I studied dozens of how-to books and found them quite helpful. I also noticed that some of the information in one book was inconsistent with information in another. Much of the information was incomplete, and some of it was inaccurate or misleading. As I studied each book, I also took notes and organized those notes into files for easy reference. Eventually, I began writing articles about subjects that were particularly perplexing or misunderstood.

I found that writing helped me clarify my thinking and my ability to apply that knowledge in my own fiction writing. I'm pleased to share what I have learned. This website includes many of the articles I have written over the years. I'm in the process of completing a manuscript about about the craft of writing fiction, and I hope to share that new book with you soon.

Articles available on this site include topics ranging from the elements of fiction, to scenes and sequels, to young-adult fiction, to fiction-writing modes. Articles about fiction-writing modes include action, narration, dialogue, summary, introspection, exposition, description, sensation, transition, emotion, and recollection.

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My novels include two action-packed, young-adult stories. They make great gifts for teens or middle-school students. 

Happy Fiction Writing!

Mike Klaassen