Mike Klaassen

Author Interview

Questions and Answers

for Cracks

(1) Cracks includes heroin and marijuana use. Aren't you concerned that featuring these topics in a young-adult novel may encourage drug abuse in teens?

My generation has been waging a war on drug abuse for decades. Not only has the War on Drugs failed to curb abuse, it's fostering incredible corruption, not just in our country, but around the world. Maybe we need to rethink the problem and potential solutions. If the next generation engages in healthy debate regarding substance abuse, maybe it will be more successful in solving the problem.

(2) Parts of the book are quite violent. Aren't you concerned that you may be encouraging kids to commit violence?

Not at all. Bodie's journey illustrates how destructive violent behavior can be. Personally, I believe imaginary violence can be a healthy means for dealing with one's fears, and a harmless safety valve for natural aggression. There's nothing in the book I would have felt uncomfortable letting my teenage sons read. But if parents are concerned, they should read the book first.

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